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Applying for a Training Grant

This scheme offers partial funding for scientists and students wishing to attend a training course.

Please note that from time to time, pressure on the Trust's limited administrative resources requires the Trust to suspend the scheme at short notice. Therefore, it is advisable to check this page before submitting an application, to confirm whether the Trust is accepting applications. The Trust is currently accepting applications.

Before You Apply

Please read the following two sections "Eligibility Criteria" and "Conditions of the Grant" before you consider applying.

Eligibility Criteria:
Please read the eligibility criteria below carefully to ensure that you are eligible for a grant before applying:
  • The focus for training must be agricultural crop improvement or molecular crop improvement; typically a food crop. Priority will be given to legume research applications.
  • The Trust will only approve applications received from countries where science is currently underfunded.
  • Applications must be submitted more than three months before the training course start date, as visa applications can take a long time to be processed.
  • The applicant must have secured partial funding from another source. The Trust will not normally provide all costs, that is the total cost of registration or course fees, accommodation and travel costs.
  • Applicants who have already received a Kirkhouse Trust training grant cannot apply for another grant from the Trust for a further four years.
  • The applicant should already have received written confirmation that they have been accepted on the course before they apply to the Trust for funding.
  • The applicant should have received permission in the form of written confirmation from their home institution to attend the training course.
  • The applicant must provide evidence that the training course is relevant to their current research interests.
  • The applicant must provide evidence that the training course is of clear benefit to their country of origin/residence.
Conditions of the Grant:
Upon approval of a training grant from the Trust, the following conditions will apply:
  • Once a grant has been approved by the Trustees, the applicant should urgently seek to obtain any visas needed for travel. No funds will be disbursed until the Trust receives confirmation that all necessary visas have been secured.
  • The applicant should book only economy class travel with an airline or reputable travel agent. The Trust will pay these costs directly to the airline or travel agent via international bank transfer.
  • If payment of course fees or accommodation costs are approved, the payment will normally be made direct to the agencies concerned.
  • The Trust will not normally fund a per diem rate or out-of-pocket expenses. If the applicant cannot fund these costs themselves, they should approach another source of funding for these costs.
  • The Trust must receive invoices for all payments. If exceptional circumstances require some payments to be made retrospectively, receipts should be scanned and sent to the Trust as e-mail attachments.
  • All grantees in receipt of a training grant are required to submit a short report to the Trust within two months of their return to their country of residence. The appropriate report forms can be found here.
  • Applicants who receive a training grant cannot apply for another Kirkhouse Trust grant for a further four years.
Travel Insurance (Including Medical Insurance):
It is important that a grantee has appropriate health insurance for the duration of their stay abroad. You should check with

    (i) the organisation providing your training course, or
    (ii) your employing institution, to see if either is able to offer any advice about appropriate travel insurance including medical / health insurance policies for the country you are planning to visit.

Whether travel insurance including medical/health insurance is arranged by you or by an institution, it is still the grantee's responsibility to make sure the insurance cover secured is sufficient for your needs. Further information regarding insurance can be found by clicking here.

How to Apply

  • The applicant should submit the following documentation:
    1. A copy of the course programme.
    2. The completed application form.
    3. Written confirmation that the applicant has been accepted onto the training course.
    4. Evidence that the training course is relevant to the scientist's current research interests.
    5. Evidence that the training course is of clear benefit to the applicant's country of origin / residence.

  • Please submit the completed application form with additional documentation by e-mail only to (postal applications are not accepted).