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Publications (2005-2009)

The following journal articles acknowledge Trust support. The articles were published between 2005 and 2009.

Author(s) Title / Link (where available) Journal Article Date
Savitha, B. & Ravikumar, R. Comparative analysis of phenotypic and molecular diversity in selected pendal and non-pendal genotypes of field bean (Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet) Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Vol. 69 (3) Aug-08
Li, J. & Timko, M. Gene-for-gene resistance in Striga cowpea associations Science, Vol. 325 (5944) 1094 Aug-09
Sawadogo, M. Ouedraogo, J. et al. The use of cross species SSR primers to study genetic diversity of okra from Burkina Faso African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 8 (11) 2476-2482 Jun-09
Li. J. Lis, K. et al. Molecular genetics of race-specific resistance of cowpea to Striga gesnerioides (Willd.) Pest Management Science, Vol. 65 (5) 520-527 May-09
Selvaraj, M. Narayana, M. et al. Identification of QTLs for pod and kernel traits in cultivated peanut by bulked segregant analysis Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 12 (2) 2009
Timko, M. Rushton, P. et al. Sequencing and analysis of the gene-rich space of cowpea BMC Genomics, Vol. 9:103 Feb-08
Chen, X. Laudeman, T. et al. CGKB: an annotation knowledge base for cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L) methylation filtered genomic genespace sequences BMC Bioinformatics, Vol. 8:129 Apr-07
Venkatesha, S. Gowda, M. Mahadevu, P. et al Genetic diversity within Lablab purpureus and the application of gene-specific markers from a range of legume species Plant Genetic Resources: Characterization and Utilization, 5 (3) 154-171 2007
Mahadeyu, P. & Byre Gowda, M. Genetic improvement of Dolichos bean (Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet) through use of exotic and indigenous germplasm Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources, Vol. 18 (1) 2005