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Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Bags Video

PICS Project is a regional project for West and Central Africa. It aims to promote the storage of seed in the region using non-chemical, hermetic storage PICS bags. This simple storage system protects the seed from post-harvest damage by insects for up to six months. The video was compiled from a demonstration of the use of the bags given by Dr Hippolyte Affognon to the delegates at the Annual Meeting of the Trust's African Bean Consortium in Awassa, Ethiopia, in July 2014. The PICS Project is a collaboration between the University of Purdue, USA and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibaden, Nigeria.

You can download a guide on how to store seeds using PICS bags by clicking here. If you are interested in buying PICS bags or wish to find out more, please e-mail

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