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Applying for Additional Lab Resources

The Trust procures and dispatches scientific equipment and consumables to research and teaching projects which have been approved for funding.

This page is primarily for Principal Investigators (PI) for projects which the Trust has already approved for funding. Often the Trust will restock consumables and equipment on an annual basis to approved projects. The re-stocking process is triggered by the PI / grant holder who must complete a Lab Resources Request Form. If you require additional lab resources (such as equipment and / or consumables) not already included within the agreed budget for your project, you may be eligible to apply. Please read the following section carefully before deciding to apply.

Before You Apply

  • Applicants must currently be receiving funding from the Trust through Research Grants (includes training labs in receipt of grants) or Scholarship Grants.
  • The Trust does not supply lab resources to individuals and / or organisation(s) which do not have a research or teaching project which has already been approved for funding by the Trust. However, applicants who are unsure as to whether or not they are eligible should contact us first before applying.
  • Applicants should ensure that they complete the form (available below) in full and justify their request for each type of item they include. Failure to do so could significantly delay the application and / or result in it being rejected.
  • A request should be submitted at least four months before the items are required. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time for all equipment and consumables to be purchased and dispatched from the UK, so that they arrive in and clear customs in the destination country by the time they are needed.
  • Applicants should confirm that the quantities requested will be sufficient for at least 12 months.
  • Grantees in receipt of a Research Grant (or a training lab in receipt of a grant): The PI must endorse all requests. If the person making the request is not the PI, the PI must confirm s/he is aware of, and approves, the submission of the completed Lab Resources Request Form.
  • Grantees in receipt of a Scholarship Grant: The Applicant's supervisor or project PI must endorse all requests before submission of the completed Lab Resources Request Form.

How to Apply