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Equipment & Consumables Manuals

The Trust provides manuals for public download for equipment and consumables that it provides to research projects. The files are arranged in alphabetical order and by clicking on the letter hyper-links below, you can "jump" to the desired letter / section.

Please note that most modern browsers often include a PDF reader plugin, which enables you to read PDF files using your browser. However, if you cannot open the files below, please click here to download and install a copy of Adobe Reader.

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Autoclave - Dixons ST19T

Autoclave - Dixons ST1528


Balance - Adams PGL 3002

Balance - Fisherbrand Precision

Battery Backup (MultiPlus Inverter 24/3000/70)

Battery Monitor Manual

Battery Monitor Quick Guide


Camera - Canon G15 PC1815

Camera - Canon Powershot SX150

Centrifuge - Hettich Mikro 185

Centrifuge - Peqlabs 24 Place 91-PSPIN-24P

Centrifuge - VWR Micro Star Manual

Colorimeter - Fisherbrand FB68270

Cooler Rack PCR


dNTP Mix Data Sheet

Dry Bath Incubator - Starlab


FTA Based Technology


GE Illustra puReTaq Ready-To-Go PCR Beads

Gel Electrophoresis - MicroDOC Hood

Gloves - Chemical Resistance Guide (Ansell 8th Edition)




Ladder 100bp DNA GeneDirex

Ladder 1Kb DNA GeneDirex

Ladder 50bp DNA GeneDirex

Ladders - DNA NBS Bio


Motic - BA210 Compound Microscope

Motic - Moticam X

Motic - SMZ168 Stereo Microscope


PCR Plate - FrameStar Break-A-Way

pH Meter - Jenway

Power Pack - Cleaver OmniPAC Power Supply Series 2013


RNase A Sigma-Aldrich

RNase A Thermo Scientific


Taq - DNA Polymerase Data Sheet

The Cube Dry Bath Incubator - Cleaver

Thermal Cycler - ABI 2720

Thermal Cycler - ABI SimpliAmp

Traceable Nano Timer

Transilluminators UVP


Vortex Genie 2